Dictum Ltd. is the small innovative company creating technologies of the natural language texts analysis. The developed technologies are a basis for effective and comfortable search for information in texts.


Dictum Search

Intelligent search in a large complex texts collection. Using it you can find answer to any question, regarding any document's content.


DictaScope Syntax

Syntax analyzer builds a dependency tree for the given sentence in a natural language (Russian).


Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring system designed to track the reputation and risks in the internet. The system collects information from social networks and analyses the estimated lexicon in them, that allow you to track opinion on products, services, brands and people.


Query Processor

Search query processing technology, that includes smart tips and typos correction functionality. The program makes it easy to find all kinds of information, e.g. on an online-shop site.

DictaScope Tokenizer

The lexical analyzer which assorts the entrance text for reception on an exit of a set of the marked text objects (tokens) from this text.