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In 2002 Vladimir Okatiev, founder of Dictum Ltd., was a director of private cargo shipping company. Because of his job, he worked with a lot of documents: laws, rules, contracts. Though search of the documents was not a problem, it took a lot of time to fond information inside voluminous documents, most of which were several hundreds pages. Any help with this routine would be very useful. Having PhD in Computer Science and experience of software development, Vladimir saw the solution of the problem in improvement of search tools.

What if search system could output not only the list of documents, but relevant citations from them? For example, request “stop on a bridge” would give us exact citation “Stop are prohibited … on bridges”. So, there would be no need to read original sentence from traffic rules, which is half of the page.

For implementing of this idea in 2002 year Vladimir started laboratory Dictum Software Lab. Andvanced linguistic technologies were needed, in particular – syntax parsing. The first version of syntax parser, was released in 2004. The basis of original approach to solving of computer linguistics tasks was created.

In 2006 the project “Citation Extraction System” won in START-program competition, hold by Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises. For implementing of the project Dictum Ltd. was founded, based on DictumSoftwareLab. Dictum Ltd concluded a treaty about development of citation extraction system with government. Vladimir Okatiev took the lead of the company, completely switched to the project.

Since 2003 year Dictum Ltd. has been a partner of N. Novgorod State University, making research projects. The results of collaborative research were presented on conferences in Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland.

In 2008 Dictum Ltd obtained a patent № 2 320 005 “Method of information search”.

Now the company has considerable experience in area of computer lingustics: information retrieval, text analysis, spell checking. The second stage of the project “Citation Extraction System” is completed.