Social media monitoring
Social media monitoring system designed to track the reputation of persons, companies, identify customer satisfaction and also can be used to identify the risks (data leakage, deviant behavior of employees, extremism ... etc.)
Our solution produces:
  • Collecting information about the investigated object from social media sources.
  • A deep linguistic analysis of texts with respect to the object of monitoring and related valuation characteristics. 
Based on the collected data it is revealed whether opinion is positive, neutral or negative.
Depending on the type of the monitored object, text analysis may bear different purposes, for example:
  1. Determination of customer preferences, the extent of the products as well as the main directions and trends of the market.
  2. Feedback and answers to questions and complaints from customers who have left negative comment.
  3. Assessment of companies competitors and what they are doing to improve their reputation.
  4. Identifying risks comming from employees of organizations, for example: data leakage or deviant behavior of employees.
At this moment system has shown its effectiveness in the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet and covers over than 20 different sectors (banks, telecom, aviation, hotels, restaurants ... etc.). Among the users of the service are companies included in the top 10 Russian companies. 
For a more detailed description of Social media monitoring system you can refer to the section of Technologies and get acquainted with the products of DictaScope family.
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