Dictum search engine is designed for searching and navigation within large texts such as laws, codes, regulations, rules, quality standarts etc. They may consist of hundreds of pages, but in practice we need only a small portion of this information, just 5 lines long quote sometimes.

At the present time it is pretty much easy to find documents of this kind. The problem arises later, while you search inside the document: so far the Ctrl-F shortcut was the most popular means.

We propose to extend functionality of the standard search and take advantages of our technology.

  1. Filter - eliminates redundant information from the document and get a quote containing the necessary information, leading to a decrease in intellectual labor on text analysis and decision making;
  2. Focus - improves the perception of information through the highlight of the relevant text fragments;
  3. Search hints help user properly formulate his query, taking the document's terminology into account.

If you are interested in our technologies, we will be glad to get your response via e-mail.