Search technologies

Dictum Ltd. offers a range of solutions and products based on natural language processing technology. One of them is Intelligent Search, which allows to find not only the document itself but also the necessary information in it. While query is processed, redundant information is filtered resulting in a small excerpt, corresponding to the subject of your request.

Social media monitoring

Our solution for opinion mining allows evaluation of the emotional perception of the object and its properties by consumers and society and monitoring of the information background. Dictum's developments are based on researches in the field of computational linguistics, thus a deeper analysis of the text and high accuracy results are possible.

Text processing

Based on our technologies, we can offer solutions in the field of text processing, fact extraction from unstructured data files, construction of question-answer and dialogue systems. These components can be built in the products of CRM class (customer relationship management), CMS (content management system), etc. helping to optimize business processes.